INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SURGERY CASE REPORTS – Pembrolizumab and tavokinogene telseplasmid electroporation inmetastatic melanoma

CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH – Phase II Trial of IL-12 Plasmid Transfection and PD-1 Blockade in Immunologically Quiescent Melanoma

ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY – Intratumoral delivery of tavokinogene telseplasmid yields systemic immune responses in metastatic melanoma patients

CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH – Intratumoral Delivery of Plasmid IL12 Via Electroporation Leads to Regression of Injected and Noninjected Tumors
in Merkel Cell Carcinoma

CANCER IMMUNOLOGY RESEARCH – Intratumoral Plasmid IL12 Electroporation Therapy in Patients with Advanced Melanoma Induces Systemic and Intratumoral T-cell Responses

Parachuting Behind Enemy Lines: OncoSec’s Attack on Visceral Tumors via Its New Visceral Lesion Applicator (VLA)

IMMUNITY – Successful Anti-PD-1 Cancer Immunotherapy Requires T Cell-Dendritic Cell Crosstalk Involving the Cytokines IFN-g and IL-12

GENE THERAPY – Characterization of abscopal effects of intratumoral electroporationmediated IL-12 gene therapy

GENE THERAPY – Improving therapeutic efficacy of IL-12 intratumoral gene
electrotransfer through novel plasmid design and modified parameters

BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY – Development of an adaptive electroporation system for intratumoral plasmid DNA delivery

IMMUNOTHERAPY – Melanoma treatment with intratumoral electroporation of tavokinogene telseplasmid (pIL-12, tavokinogene telseplasmid)

JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY – Programmed Death-Ligand 1 Expression and Response to the Anti–Programmed Death 1 Antibody Pembrolizumab in Melanoma

JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY – Phase I Trial of Interleukin-12 Plasmid Electroporation in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma

Scientific Presentations

SITC 2021 – Durable responses with intratumoral electroporation of plasmid interleukin 12 plus pembrolizumab in patients with advanced melanoma progressing on an anti-PD-1 antibody: Updated data from Keynote 695

Cytokine Summit 2021 – A Novel Platform for Localized Intratumoral Expression of Immunotherapy – GET IT

SABCS 2021 – Durable responses with intratumoral electroporation of plasmid interleukin-12 plus pembrolizumab in patients with advanced triple-negative breast cancer: Cohort 1 update from KEYNOTE-890

SABCS 2021 – Trial in progress: Phase 2 study of intratumoral plasmid interleukin-12 (tavokinogene telseplasmid; TAVO™) plus electroporation
in combination with pembrolizumab with or without chemotherapy in patients with inoperable locally advanced or metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (KEYNOTE-890/OMS-I141)

SABCS 2020 – Intratumoral delivery of tavokinogene telseplasmid (plasmid IL-12) and electroporation induces local and systemic enhancement of CD8 T cells and sensitizes to anti-PD1 therapy

SITC 2020 – Durable responses and immune activation with intratumoral electroporation of pIL-12 plus pembrolizumab in actively progressing anti-PD-1 refractory advanced melanoma: KEYNOTE 695 interim data

SITC 2020 – Intratumoral plasmid IL-12 expands CD8+ T cells and induces a clinically validated CXCR3 signature in triple-negative breast cancer

SITC 2020 – Preliminary evaluation of a novel coronavirus vaccine (CORVax) using electroporation of plasmid DNA encoding a stabilized prefusion SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone or with transfection of plasmid IL-12

AACR 2020 – Intratumoral Electroporation of Plasmid-Encoded IL-12 and Membrane-Bound Anti-CD3 Increases Tumor Immunogenicity and Augments the Function of T Cell Subsets

AACR 2020 – Amplification of the CXR3/CXCL9 Axis Via Intratumoral Electroporation of CXCL9 Synergizes With IL-12 Thereapy (TAVO) to Elicit Robust Anti-Tumor Immunity

SIR 2020 – Can an intratumoral DNA-encoded immunotherapeutic device platform currently used in the management of cutaneous lesions be scaled in size to function in the treatment of visceral tumors through image-guided techniques?

SIO 2020 – Novel Controlled Delivery of Potent Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy Directly to Deep Visceral Lesions

SABCS 2019 – Phase 2, Open-Label Study of Intratumoral Tavokinogene Telseplasmid (TAVO) Plus Electroporation in Combination With Intravenous Pembrolizumab Therapy in Patients With Inoperable Locally Advanced or Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (Keynote-890)

SITC 2019 – Intratumoral IL-12 Plus Pembrolizumab Combination Therapy in Treatment Refractory Solid Tumors: A Safety and Biomarker Analysis

AACR 2019 – Intratumoral Electroporation of Plasmid Il-12 And Cxcl9 With Membrane-Bound Anti-CD3 Elicits Robust Anti-Tumor Immunity

SABCS 2018 – Intratumoral tavokinogene telseplasmid and electroporation in pre-treated inoperable locally advanced or recurrent triple-negative breast cancer

SITC 2018 – Initial report of intratumoral tavokinogene telseplasmid with pembrolizumab in advanced melanoma:an approach designed to convert PD-1 antibody progressors into responders (NCT03132675)

Clinical and biomarker analyses of a phase II study of intratumoral tavokinogene telseplasmid (pIL-12) plus pembrolizumab in stage III/IV melanoma patients predicted to not respond to anti-PD-1SITC 2017

Intratumoral Administration Of A Multigene Construct By Electroporation Can Effectively Modulate Anti-Tumor Response In A Murine B16.f10 Model

Clinical Immune Monitoring and Biomarker Data of TAVO Monotherapy Compared to TAVO with Pembrolizumab in Metastatic Melanoma Supports the Rationale for Combination Therapy

 9th Annual World Congress of Melanoma – A Joint Meeting with the Society of Melanoma Research

Intratumoral Delivery of a P2A-linked Bicistronic IL-12 Construct Leads to High Intratumoral Expression and Systemic Anti-tumor Response

American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2017

Intratumoral Electroporation-Mediated IL-12 Gene Therapy can Enhance Tumor Immunogenicity

Keystone Symposia Conference “Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: Taking a Place in Mainstream Oncology” 2017