Interim Data Presented at SITC 2020


Investigational Intratumoral Cancer Immunotherapy

OncoSec’s VLA: Visceral Lesion Applicator


Clinical trial currently recruiting patients with TNBC

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Fran’s Story*

Reclaiming Independence from Melanoma

“I was headed down a one-way street with a dead end.”

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Designed to Arm the Immune System to Fight Cancer

We are investigating the potential for our lead product candidate, TAVO, through the intratumoral administration of IL-12, to stimulate systemic immune response and to become an innovative and potentially transformative therapy option for the treatment of cancer.

Clinical Pipeline

Our core technology platform continues to advance through clinical trials for various cancers

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Our plasmid DNA delivery platform is designed to boost the body’s immune system to target and attack cancer

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We have a track record of establishing, operating and evolving high-performance partnerships globally

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