Natural Tanning Versus Tanning Beds

Working in the cancer industry, you become hyper-aware of carcinogens and cancer causing agents. While many consumer goods carry some risk, others can be extremely dangerous: the tanning bed trend is one of them. Often caused by an unfortunate stance on what beauty is perceived to be, many young people feel the need to spend countless hours each year participating in indoor tanning. This practice is known to greatly increase the risk of skin cancers. Despite this fact, many individuals (young women, especially) will actively use these cancer-causing agents year-round. Let’s take a minute to compare tanning beds with natural outdoor tanning:

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Understanding Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation invisible to the naked eye, but affects us all during exposure to the sun. UV radiation has long been considered a damaging environmental carcinogen. Weekly weather reports often include daily UV Index readings, for good reason.

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