Cancer Facts by OncoSec: Volume One

Across America and around the world, there are many researchers, scientists, medical professionals and other individuals working within the research and treatment of cancer. For many members of the public, the topic of cancer may only come up when someone around them is diagnosed. However, it is a good idea to know a bit more about cancer, in order to lower your risk and understand just how important cancer facts can be.

Here are a few quick cancer facts that you should know:

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What is Metastatic Melanoma?

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As the largest organ of the body, the skin protects us from a myriad of conditions, parasites, and other foreign agents. Be that as it may, it is also highly susceptible to different diseases, viruses, and cancers. Different skin types can be more resistant or more susceptible to different conditions. One type of cancer that aggressively attacks the skin is melanoma: the later stage of which is known as metastatic melanoma.

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