Inspiring Cancer Survivors: Volume 1

Fighting cancer can be one of the most difficult things a person will ever face. Aside from the detriments caused by the disease, many available treatments leave patients drained and in pain. Keeping a positive, determined attitude can make a huge difference, in a patient or survivor’s ability to push forward and stay motivated. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many cancer survivors who pushed through their illness: individuals who looked at their experience and wanted to use it to help others. These three advocates have all survived cancer and created non-profit organizations, in order to help educate, inspire, or treat cancer patients, as well as raising awareness around cancer risk factors and prevention.

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National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

The National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week (NYACAW) will be kicking off its 11th anniversary, on Monday, April 1st. Launched by Vital Options International – a not-for-profit cancer communications organization with a mission to facilitate a global cancer dialogue – the National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week aims to highlight issues surrounding cancer, in the 15 to 40 age group. In 1983, Vital Operations International became the first organization focused on aiding this specific age group, in dealing with the real issues of cancer. This year, it observes the 11th anniversary of National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, in its 30th anniversary, as an organization. Due to their efforts, they have become leaders in the young adult focused cancer movement.

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