While the iconic pink ribbon has represented breast cancer awareness and support for quite some time, male cancers – and men’s health in general – can often be overlooked. With cultural stigma in many societies surrounding men seeking medical attention as a sign of weakness, men often avoid visits to the doctor. In an attempt to raise awareness and funding for men’s health, two Australians inadvertently created one of the most dominant non-profit organizations in the world, around this very topic: Movember.

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Inspiring Cancer Survivors: Volume 1

Fighting cancer can be one of the most difficult things a person will ever face. Aside from the detriments caused by the disease, many available treatments leave patients drained and in pain. Keeping a positive, determined attitude can make a huge difference, in a patient or survivor’s ability to push forward and stay motivated. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many cancer survivors who pushed through their illness: individuals who looked at their experience and wanted to use it to help others. These three advocates have all survived cancer and created non-profit organizations, in order to help educate, inspire, or treat cancer patients, as well as raising awareness around cancer risk factors and prevention.

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Congratulations Team OncoSec on Your Ride to Conquer Cancer

Dear R2CC Supporters:

I wanted to congratulate Team OncoSec and thank all our generous donors for making the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer a great success. Our team collectively raised almost $18,000 to support the BC Cancer Agency. Honorable mentions include Jim Heppell and Rebecca Bolthouse who both raised $2,740, and to Lisa Mueller, Jared Kawaoka and Brittney Hawkins who raised $2,500. I am very appreciative of our donors and sponsors helping me raise over $4,600.

We are incredibly grateful to the donors and sponsors who helped make this adventure possible:

$500+ contributions from:

Phil Johnson of Merrill Corporation, Byron Roth of Roth Capital Partners, Amitpal Sandhu of Ampri Group, Greg Trinidad of NorthStar Internet, Punit Dhillon, The Breidinger family, William & Cheryl Struve, Mr. & Mrs. Fred von Bargen, Happy Boy Farms, Lekos Electric, Pal General Engineering, David Sidoo, John Mueller, and Jim Heppell

$250+ contributions from:

Edward Borrelli, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Rai, Associated Bio Solutions, and Doug & Michele Wurlitzer

$100+ contributions from:

Jessica Mah, Kar Lei Chiu, Dickson Tse, Larissa Kawaoka, Truda Roper, Kathy & Michael Brines, Dr. Adil Daud, Dan Turner, Alex Casden, The von Bargen family, Allan Olson & Charlotte Underwood, Bill & Elaine Vanderspek, Celia Courchene & Ian MacKay, John, Michelle & Brandon, John & Hermine Mueller, Chris & Liisa Wagner, Christina Yip, Clarence Heppell, Dave Bromley, David & Louise Raffa, Jeff Read, Gary Lenett & Karen Ergas, George David Richardson, Peter Moscone, Stephen Leckie & Karen Blair, Val Russo, Tyler & Allison Cerro, Brian McCluskey, Mark Grambart, Ms. Carole Bailey, and Khader Safi

Other contributions from:

Efrain Solis & Maribel Montiel, Jaswinder Singh, Susan Foreman, Shannon & Andy Chen, Theresa Halliday, Jessica Mah, Aaron Hawkins, Abnology, Anna Orlando, Alexa Giesen, Damian Gomez, Heather Kline, Jim Broshears, Nicole Mehara, Patrick & Lainey Crown, Phyllis Knibbs, Shellie Camarillo, Allen Myers, Allen & Karin Spiegelman, Dave Radick, Lisa Pasin, Metal & Wood Products, Peter Lyon, Ted Wheeler, Grantie Lewin, The Bostic Family, Dennis & Kim Peek, Dionna Kawaoka, Dorothy Chat, Jessica Hickey, Art & Candy Silva, Nancy Campos, Abigail Garibay, Annette & Reginald Dahlen, Anthony, Kendall & Lacey Sand, James Bolthouse, Jen Clem, Mark Wescott, Mary Draper, Jon-Mark Bolthouse, Teresa Goshorn, The Thush Family, Tony Bolthouse, Tyler Garibay, Warren Hogarth, William Garibay, Cindy Adams, Dawn Ternig, Gilberto Espinoza, Michael A Stiegel, Mrs. Kathy Moore, The Czech Family, Tina Jasso, and all others who donated anonymously, as well as those friends and family who contributed with their love, wisdom, kind words and support

Support and Gear (SAG) Vehicle: David Tamble

Cycling Kits: Hincapie Sportswear

Exhaustion, fierce headwinds, and torrential downpour did not affect the high spirits and passionate dedication of the team.

I hope you left this weekend with a feeling pride and joy, knowing that you were a part of something powerful that has great impact in helping make this world cancer free. Through your devotion to helping the B.C. Cancer Foundation, lives will be changed, families will have hope, and we will continue our battle to conquer cancer.

My Sincerest Thanks,




Punit Dhillon
President and CEO

Join us on the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Dear family and friends:

In the past few years, I’ve decided to invest myself in a number of things that have consequently… changed my life. The first involvement came in the form of a marathon, and then another, followed by my first iron man competition. The second was in the founding of OncoSec Medical in March 2011, a biomedical company dedicated to advancing novel technology in treating solid tumors.

Before OncoSec was formed, I wasn’t ready for the intensely detrimental and impactful statistics that came up when we began researching cancer. We saw a huge unmet need in the growing melanoma and skin cancer patient population. It was clear that something had to be done to advance the research and technologies necessary to meet patient needs and where standard of care fell short. Long story short, that is how OncoSec’s focus on lethal skin cancers came to be. However, we knew as a team that the effort simply could not stop there.

More than 70,000 people like you and me are being diagnosed with melanoma every year, and sadly this is a growing statistic. At the end of the day, it is the patients and their loved ones who are bearing the heavy reality of these numbers. To make this battle even more personal, we established Team OncoSec to marry healthy lifestyles, charitable contributions and a cancer advocacy into one great journey.

Next year, join us on June 16-17 when Team OncoSec bands together at the starting line for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. When we say “join us” we literally mean it, as the only team based in the US, we are looking forward to having fun and dedicated to raising money for an important cause with a combined team fund raising goal of $50,000! We are not stopping there, if you are interested in joining our OncoSec team please contact me at and we will make sure you get our custom Hincapie Sportswear riding kit (cycling jersey, shorts and vest). At OncoSec our dedicated research and clinical programs extend beyond what we are working on as a company, help make a difference with BC Cancer Foundation and I hope that you will join me in this fight by contributing as much or as little as you can to support us. Links to how you can donate or join our team are below.

We are looking forward to your support at the starting line in 2012!

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