OncoSec Issues Annual Letter to Shareholders

Dear Valued Shareholder,

As we work to develop new cancer treatments for patients, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support of OncoSec’s programs and strategies. With your support, we continue to champion our company’s purpose: to deliver safer and more effective cancer immunotherapies that can make a difference in the lives of patients. Looking ahead, I would like to provide an overview of our progress since the last Annual Shareholder Meeting.

OncoSec’s clinical development strategy is focused on demonstrating that ImmunoPulse™ IL-12 is a rational choice for combination therapy with anti-PD-1 agents. We believe ImmunoPulse™ IL-12 has the ability to convert a significant proportion of non-responder patients into those who will respond to anti-PD1 agents, and have aligned our clinical pipeline to validate this hypothesis.

As we advance our clinical pipeline, we are also working to develop advanced devices capable of accessing difficult-to-reach tumors, investigating new therapeutic candidates, and exploring unique combination approaches. We have also finalized plans to move into a new facility by year’s end. Our expanded headquarters will consolidate clinical, discovery research, and administrative operations into one well-equipped facility. This move enhances our development capabilities and provides OncoSec with a base of operations that matches the magnitude of our ambitions.

To maintain consistent communication with our shareholders, we are establishing a new cadence for external communications, which started recently with quarterly conference calls and the timing of our Annual Shareholder Meeting. Our Annual Shareholder Meeting will now closely follow the filing of our Annual Report on Form 10-K. These activities are designed to establish a more regular communications schedule and further enhance shareholder engagement.

We encourage all eligible shareholders to vote in accordance with the information outlined in our definitive proxy statement. Your vote is especially important to us this year, as we look to initiate an exciting new program: our 2015 Employee Stock Purchase Plan. This allows all OncoSec employees to share in our vision by purchasing stock directly from the Company. We believe this program will support our progress by ensuring that each member of our team has a personal stake in OncoSec’s success.

We look forward to sharing updates on our upcoming milestones at our Annual Shareholder Meeting and throughout the year. Thank you again for your ongoing support and confidence in OncoSec as we continue to advance our immuno-oncology pipeline.





Punit Dhillon

CEO and President

Click here to download OncoSec’s Proxy Statement