Tu Diep on ImmunoPulse & Clinical Progress

ImmunoPulse Clinical Progress with Tu Diep of OncoSec Medical

Recently, we filmed a clinical progress video discussing details of our ImmunoPulse therapy and results with Tu Diep: OncoSec’s executive director of clinical development. With over a decade of experience in clinical research, prior to joining OncoSec – including Protox Therapeutics Inc. (now Sophiris Bio Inc.) – Mr. Diep’s experience has been a large asset to our company.

As Mr. Diep states, our Phase 1 data displayed best-in-class results that had not been seen before in any other melanoma program to date.  90% of the lesions treated with ImmunoPulse during this trial elicited an immune reaction that resulted in a response. This immune reaction also resulted in a 53% objective response rate in patients who had other cancerous lesions that were not treated with ImmunoPulse.

The data also showed a 16% complete response rate where local immune response, as a result of treatment with ImmunoPulse, led to a complete regression of all cancerous lesions in patients treated.

The immune response analysis allowed us to build a better understanding around how the treatment of one lesion can lead to a systemic immune response throughout the entire body. This means treating a lesion locally yet affecting untreated lesions on the other side of the body. To do this, those untreated lesions needed to be studied, along with an in-depth analysis of the blood. Studying the blood allowed OncoSec to examine how the immune system was changing, as a result of local treatment with ImmunoPulse, by comparing blood samples from before and after treatment. These statistically and clinically significant results were first presented at the 8th World Congress of Melanoma in Hamburg, on July 18th.

In June, we announced  the completion of patient enrolment in our phase II melanoma trial: 25 of 25 patients. We plan to launch an expansion study where an additional 10 patients will be enrolled and receive an accelerated treatment cycle. To learn more about OncoSec’s melanoma development strategy and to view updates on our clinical progress, please see our press release.

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