Blossom Ball 2013 and OncoSec Medical

As a CEO, there are many different ways to cause or affect change. Being a corporate influencer puts you not only at the forefront of your company’s decision-making process but also in talks with many other CEOs and industry professionals. With this power also comes the chance for positive social partnerships that can benefit individuals, communities, societies and even the world. CEOs Against Cancer aims to do just that; bringing together CEOs from across the world, in order to help save lives, through cancer prevention and research. This Saturday, May 11th, members of CEO’s Against Cancer will be attending the annual Blossom Ball, to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

As an arm of the American Cancer Society, CEO Against Cancer works alongside the non-profit organization: using the power and knowledge base of CEOs, in order to spur fundraising, spread knowledge and impact businesses, employees and their communities. This is also accomplished through their company-centric Workplace Solutions group that creates cancer prevention and community involvement programs for independent businesses. With these sub-groups of their organization, the American Cancer Society brings together top business executives, managers, and employees, around cancer education, community growth, and the fight against this disease. This year, various members of CEOs Against Cancer will be in attendance.


How do you utilize your boardroom for social good?


To date, the Blossom Ball has raised approximately $300,000 for the American Cancer Society. Occurring near Sacramento , California, the event will bring together more than 425 guests from various corporations, charities, and medical groups, to provide research funding, advocacy opportunities, patient care, and other needed support. This year, we our proud that our CEO, Punit Dhillon – a member of CEOs Against Cancer – will be participating in and sponsoring the event. Our chairman, Avtar Dhillon, will also be hosting the venue for Blossom Ball, at the beautiful Southridge Estate. If you would like to add a personal donation to the 2013 Blossom Ball, you will be aiding in the American Cancer Societies efforts towards the fight against this destructive disease.

We are deeply committed to community involvement, supporting advocacy, spreading the message of preventative measures, and aiding in the fight against cancer. By participating in the Blossom Ball, we hope to collaborate with other industry professionals, towards furthering these goals and having a positive influence in our communities. Along with our commitment to researching treatment methods surrounding metastatic melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, we believe that community initiatives such as the Blossom Ball, CEOs Against Cancer and Workplace Solutions provide a positive way to impact cancer patients, survivors, advocates and the general public.

If you would like to join our online community, in order to raise awareness surrounding cancer risk factors, preventative measures and treatment methods, please join us on Facebook and Twitter. Together, we can help save countless lives.