Upcoming Conferences: March-April 2013

North America is home to some incredible conferences and conventions surrounding cancer research, therapy development and biotech investments. With the strength of the American biotech and life sciences industries, several of these lineage conferences have been around for decades. Many CEOs, scientists and clinical experts speak at the various events and chair panels to create discussions on various topics that are currently of large importance in medicine. Each quarter, we attend or keep our eye on at least a few of these events. For March and April, these are 4 of the upcoming conferences that we are interested in:

ROTH Conference 2013
The 25th Annual ROTH Conference runs March 17th-20th


25th Annual ROTH Conference (March 17th-20th) – Dana Point, California

Now in its monumental 25th year, the ROTH conference features presentations and Q&A sessions by hundreds of influential companies. With a healthy roster of expert panels and group meetings, ROTH has become one of the largest conferences of its kind, within the United States. Sectors include business services, cleantech, resources, technology & media, as well as emerging growth companies involved in research and development. There analyst lecture series is sure to highlight many significant business developments that the investment community should be aware of.

HemONC Today: Melanoma and Cutaneous Malignancies Conference (March 22nd-23rd) – New York, New York

With a program specifically designed for oncologists, hematologists, dermatologists, researchers and other members of the health sciences community, HemONC is an excellent opportunity for healthcare collaboration. Centred on melanoma and other cutaneous malignancies, this year’s event will be directed towards discussions on public health, the dangers of tanning, the latest scientific insights into malignant conditions and more. We’re very interested in seeing what developments are announced, throughout the 2-day event.


BioCentury Future Leaders in Biotechnology Conference (April 5th) – New York, New York

A meeting ground for investment communities and public/private companies, Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry seeks to bring investors and early-stage offerings together. Concentrating on key therapeutic areas, the conference features 47+ presenting companies in innovative scientific roles. Last year’s event garnered the attention of over 500 delegates, with an audience that controlled more than $650 billion in equity assets. While highly investment-centric, expect many important milestones and treatment developments to be announced, throughout the day.


BIO International Convention (April 22nd-25th) – Chicago, Illinois

As a global event, the BIO International Convention boasts over 125 sessions across 15 different topic areas. Their keynote luncheons are sure to draw a large crowd, along with their various super sessions and forums. Now celebrating 20 years, BIO also sets the stage for a large number of workshops, as well as an attendance of over 16,000 influential decisions makers and 25,000 one-on-one partnering meetings (based on last year’s numbers). Featuring company representatives from the developing markets of China, Russia, India and Brazil, the international appeal of this convention is sure to bring together some of the top investors and researchers from around the globe.


With so many conferences and conventions throughout the year, it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. Many of our team members – along with our CEO, Punit Dhillon – attend a plethora of these events, throughout the year. If you come across an associate from our company, please come and chat with us. We love expanding our networks and meeting new associates, advocates and investors.

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