Mobile Apps

With upsurge of mobile devices, there is no shortage of nifty app or device that can prove its function as much as its form.  We wrapped up a previous blog post on reading UV Index by suggesting several free mobile apps used to track daily levels of ultraviolet radiation. It got us here at OncoSec thinking, what else is out there?

Today there are many strong advocates for wireless technology as supplements to your daily health regimen (Eric Topol even gave a CES 2012 Talk on the life saving abilities of mobile medicine, view here). Now you may wonder, well how can I turn my already essential mobile phone into my very own personal health monitoring sidekick? To start, let’s get familiarized with four apps that may one day save your life.

Are you a sun worshipper? Do you have fair skin and a history of sunburn? Maybe a family history of skin cancer? Even if these do not directly apply to you, what is known about skin cancers is that these are often not the only factors contributing to this disease. With the advent of smart user-friendly technology, people can now track and monitor the progress of suspicious moles and lesions in question. When the tried and true Melanoma ABCDE just isn’t enough, check out these handy mobile apps available online:

  1. Skin Scan (iTunes, 4.99)- analyzes image of mole for skin cancer
  2. MelApp (iTunes, 1.99)- analyzes image of mole for skin cancer
  3. Doctor Mole (Android, free)- augmented reality app to analyze moles for skin cancer
  4. Skin Report (iTunes, free)- for both personal and physician use to track progression of moles/cancerous lesions, image records can be uploaded for physician files


Practice your Melanoma ABCDE’s in monthly checkups, here’s how:


Borders that are irregular

Color variation within

Diameter that is greater than 6mm or .24 inch (pencil eraser)

Evolving over time

Following the ABCDE’s of melanoma on a regular basis in conjunction with sun safe habits are by far the most effective daily measures to lower risk for skin cancer. However, if a particular mole comes into question these handy apps can provide greater insight. Though it is not to say that a mobile app should be used in place of a dermatologist, but it can be a powerful supplement to your physician.