Cancer Facts by OncoSec: Volume One

Across America and around the world, there are many researchers, scientists, medical professionals and other individuals working within the research and treatment of cancer. For many members of the public, the topic of cancer may only come up when someone around them is diagnosed. However, it is a good idea to know a bit more about cancer, in order to lower your risk and understand just how important cancer facts can be.

Here are a few quick cancer facts that you should know:

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National Cancer Control Month

As relayed in the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2012 report, an estimate 1.64 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer, in 2012, along with over 577,000 cancer-related deaths. While cancer treatments have become more and more effective with defeating, minimizing and slowing the growth of cancer – thus increasing life expectancy and lowering the mortality rate of cancer patients – prevention and early detection remain the most important factors. It is this point that National Cancer Control Month seeks to raise awareness for.

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Melanoma Re-cap

As one of the cancer types that we at OncoSec concentrate on, we are constantly involved in not only developing an alternative treatment for melanoma but also evaluating the public and professional knowledge base surrounding the development, prevention and awareness of the disease. As a company directly involved in the research side, we are constantly inundated with statistics and methods. However, much of the general public is still unaware of the potentially deadly consequences of melanoma. Perhaps it is due to the relatively small size of moles, an increase in survival rates or the predominance of tanning but something in our culture needs a serious shift, if we are going to collectively work towards better preventative measures.

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