Why does OncoSec use Immunotherapy?

In biotech, there are many different approaches or veins of science used, in the research and creation of potential treatments, drugs, and delivery methods. For centuries, the health industry has relied on invasive surgery and curative procedures that can have dangerous, long-term side effects for patients. However, there are some newer scientific discoveries that have allowed us to move towards more effective treatment options that are also less damaging to our bodies. One of these categories of research is that of immunotherapy: using the body against disease, instead of relying on as many non-targeted, exterior factors.
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Exams, Screenings and Early Detection

There are many factors that can influence the risk of cancer in an individual. Whether it is sunburns and melanoma, smoking and the lungs, or nitrates and the kidneys/pancreas, there are many human activities that are known to increase the risk of cancer. Cancer symptoms and warning signs may not always be apparent: it’s one of the reasons many cancers are often not caught at an early stage. Without exams and screenings, cancer can often develop into a late stage, before signs become apparent. It is because of this that awareness around exams and screenings is so important.

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