National Cancer Control Month

As relayed in the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2012 report, an estimate 1.64 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer, in 2012, along with over 577,000 cancer-related deaths. While cancer treatments have become more and more effective with defeating, minimizing and slowing the growth of cancer – thus increasing life expectancy and lowering the mortality rate of cancer patients – prevention and early detection remain the most important factors. It is this point that National Cancer Control Month seeks to raise awareness for.

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Fitness for the Reduction of Cancer Risk

Maintaining a healthy body should be a priority for everyone. Changes in your fitness schedule can be a very gradual process, your diet can change over time but the benefits will begin to show themselves immediately. At over 35% (source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), America has by far the highest rate of obesity in the world. We need to take a cold, hard look at the effects of this epidemic and begin to overturn the systemic mentality of over-eating, malnutrition, and malaise. Aside from making you feel good, increasing your available energy, and amplifying your life expectancy, a healthy weight and active lifestyle have even been found to lower your risk of various types of cancer.

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