Exams, Screenings and Early Detection

There are many factors that can influence the risk of cancer in an individual. Whether it is sunburns and melanoma, smoking and the lungs, or nitrates and the kidneys/pancreas, there are many human activities that are known to increase the risk of cancer. Cancer symptoms and warning signs may not always be apparent: it’s one of the reasons many cancers are often not caught at an early stage. Without exams and screenings, cancer can often develop into a late stage, before signs become apparent. It is because of this that awareness around exams and screenings is so important.

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Skin Conditions and Their Relation to Autoimmune Disease and Sun Exposure

Autoimmune diseases are a type of condition in which the body’s immune system begins to attack and terminate healthy cells and tissues within the body. In a properly functioning immune system, white blood cells protect the body from foreign agents such as bacteria and viruses, through producing antibodies to locate and destroy them. However, in autoimmune disease patients, the body is unable to differentiate between healthy cells and attacking viral or bacterial agents. This results in white bloods cells indiscriminately destroying any other types of cells.

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Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer


The point at which cancer is discovered in the body can make a large impact on successful treatment. However, different types of cancer can be discovered much more easily than others. While many types of cancers form inside the body and are much harder to detect – with the naked eye – there are some that start on the skin or exterior of the body and are easy to see. Having regular check-ups – and being screened for cancer, at the first sign of a problem – will make all the difference.

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