National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

The National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week (NYACAW) will be kicking off its 11th anniversary, on Monday, April 1st. Launched by Vital Options International – a not-for-profit cancer communications organization with a mission to facilitate a global cancer dialogue – the National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week aims to highlight issues surrounding cancer, in the 15 to 40 age group. In 1983, Vital Operations International became the first organization focused on aiding this specific age group, in dealing with the real issues of cancer. This year, it observes the 11th anniversary of National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, in its 30th anniversary, as an organization. Due to their efforts, they have become leaders in the young adult focused cancer movement.

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Cancer Advocates and the Community Approach to Fighting Cancer

Cancer is a complex public and personal issue. With so many factors increasing and decreasing cancer risk, some of the data can be both confusing and confounding. As well, cancer generally takes a period of years to develop: something that makes people less aware of the dangers. It takes a certain level of knowledge, compassion, and drive to help bridge the gap between the medical treatment of cancer, prevention, and the public. This is where the cancer advocate comes in.

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Diseases and Viruses on the Rise

From time to time, different diseases and viruses see an increase in cases. It is important to know which ailments may be on the rise, in order to aid in prevention and awareness. While some countries may experience outbreaks that are dissimilar to other areas around the world, some are prevalent internationally. We’ve compiled a list of 4 that have had a recent global impact but especially in America:

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Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer


The point at which cancer is discovered in the body can make a large impact on successful treatment. However, different types of cancer can be discovered much more easily than others. While many types of cancers form inside the body and are much harder to detect – with the naked eye – there are some that start on the skin or exterior of the body and are easy to see. Having regular check-ups – and being screened for cancer, at the first sign of a problem – will make all the difference.

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Metastatic Melanoma and Immunotherapy

OncoSec's ImmunoPulse Immunotherapy Treatment for Melanoma


While easily the most prominent and well-known skin cancer, melanoma can either be quite slow moving (remaining in the skin) or aggressive (moving to remote areas of the body). Thankfully, many cases are caught in their early cases and surgeons are able to remove malignant areas. However, for more aggressive instances of melanoma, treatment has shown to have debilitating side effects for patients, and, the later the stage of the cancer, the more challenging it is to treat with traditional methods. Be that as it may, recent evidence has suggested that the immune system may be the key to a higher-rate of successful later-stage treatment, as well as being less harmful and intrusive for cancer patients.

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