Alcohol and Cancer Risk

The last few decades have had a very odd relationship, when it comes to alcohol and health. While some studies have suggested certain alcohols such as wine may be good for the heart and other organs, many have indicated the opposite. In terms of cancer, there have been various links between the consumption of spirits and an increased cancer risk. It’s important to know how alcohol and cancer risk are linked. You may want to use some of the information as a guideline, when it comes to your health.

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Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Cancer


The point at which cancer is discovered in the body can make a large impact on successful treatment. However, different types of cancer can be discovered much more easily than others. While many types of cancers form inside the body and are much harder to detect – with the naked eye – there are some that start on the skin or exterior of the body and are easy to see. Having regular check-ups – and being screened for cancer, at the first sign of a problem – will make all the difference.

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