Fighting Cancer with the Body’s Immune System

Using DNA IL-12, ImmunoPulse is designed to stimulate the body’s immune system and enable it to recognize, target and destroy cancerous cells.

Using the OMS system, DNA IL-12 (a plasmid DNA construct with instructions to produce the IL-12 protein) is delivered into the electroporated cells. Upon entry, the gene triggers each cell to produce and secrete the IL-12 protein, which in turn identifies and eliminates cancerous cells as part of a natural immune response.

Introducing pro-inflammatory cytokine proteins into the body as a potential anti-cancer therapy has produced encouraging data. For example, interleukin-12 (IL-12) cytokine is a naturally occurring protein that activates and increases the levels of circulating macrophages and cytotoxic T-cells. In turn, this activity eliminates both foreign organisms and emerging cancerous cells.

In the past, cytokines were not considered a viable anti-cancer therapy because toxic levels were required to achieve an effective dose. Cytokine delivery using DNA and our technology is accomplished at much lower levels than has been used previously in the treatment for melanoma.

Initial evidence suggests that this gene therapy has the potential to not only treat cancer cells in the target area, but to also trigger immune responses affecting remote cancer cells outside the direct treatment area including distant lesions.

Benefits of IMMUNOPULSE:

  • Targeted treatment. ImmunoPulse triggers an immune response that targets cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells intact.


  • Treatment for metastases. Initial evidence suggests that ImmunoPulse can potentially trigger a widespread immune response reaching remote cancer cells.


  • Phase 1 clinical trials for metastatic melanoma have shown preliminary evidence of acceptable safety, warranting further development. Phase 2 trials underway.


  • Minimal dosages. ImmunoPulse rehabilitates a powerful but toxic therapy by enabling effective treatment with significantly reduced dosages.




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