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It’s a potentially disfiguring, debilitating, and life-threatening disease facing one in five Americans, yet the reality is that skin cancer has limited options for treatment.

With the development of the OncoSec Medical System™ (OMS), we are attempting to change that reality.

The electroporation technology powering OMS has the potential to extend lifespans and enhance the quality of life for people whose cancers are resistant to conventional treatment approaches. Our impact is greatest among skin cancers that are typically hardest to treat such as metastatic melanoma, Merkel cell and cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. In particular, conventional treatments for melanoma are usually highly toxic, with severe side effects that compromise the patient’s health even further.

OncoSec’s goal is to bring new treatment options to cancer patients worldwide.


We Make Existing Treatments Better

At OncoSec, we are pioneering technologies that concentrate the power of anti-cancer therapies while minimizing or eliminating the damage they can cause to healthy tissues.

The breakthrough hinges on a proprietary electroporation device, which uses an electrical pulse to create temporary pores in cancer cells.  Clinically proven chemotherapeutics or gene-based cytokines are then delivered through these pores, at doses lower than what would normally be delivered systemically. The result is a more potentially effective treatment with fewer side effects.

Supported by extensive research and development and a comprehensive patent portfolio, OncoSec is now a world leader in this emerging technology. Our technology development includes the design and manufacture of medical-grade electrical pulse generators, treatment applicators, and software that are adaptable for different clinical applications. The technology and methods of use are all patented intellectual property.

These proprietary elements, along with our clinical trial experience and expertise in using these technologies, have helped us to consolidate our position as the leading proponents of this promising treatment for solid tumors.

 How it works

The OMS electroporation platform consists of a generator and applicator:

Currently, the OMS has been tested for use with two anti-cancer therapies:



ImmunoPulse delivers instructions to the cell (DNA IL-12) to produce a protein that activates an immune response against cancer cells.

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NeoPulse delivers bleomycin, an approved anti-cancer drug that selectively targets and destroys cancer cells.


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