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OncoSec Key Milestones

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OncoSec Medical Announces Plans to Evaluate Increased Dose Frequency of ImmunoPulse in Ongoing Phase II Melanoma Trial

OncoSec Medical Announces Plans To Relaunch Phase II Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Study at Key Centers of Excellence

OncoSec Medical Appoints Jean S. Campbell, Ph.D. as Executive Director of Research and Development

OncoSec Medical Names Adil Daud, M.D. as Chief Clinical Strategist

OncoSec Medical Presents New Data at 10th Annual PEGS

OncoSec Medical Presents Positive Phase 2 Interim Data Evaluating ImmunoPulse in Melanoma

OncoSec Medical Announces $16 Million Registered Direct Offering

OncoSec Medical Appoints Dr. Soldano Ferrone to Scientific Advisory Board

OncoSec Medical Appoints Dr. Holbrook Kohrt to Scientific Advisory Board

OncoSec Medical Appoints Dr. Mai H. Le to Position of Chief Medical Officer and Names Dr. Robert H. Pierce as Chief Scientific Officer

OncoSec Medical Expands Legal Team, Appoints Sheela Mohan-Peterson as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

OncoSec Medical Receives Phase I SBIR Funding for Development of Novel Electroporation Technologies

OncoSec Medical Receives VBHRC Funding to Study Novel Gene Therapy Approach in Melanoma

OncoSec Medical and Plexxikon Collaborate to Explore Combination Immunotherapy in Preclinical Tumor Studies

OncoSec Medical and the University of Washington Enter Sponsored Research Agreement

UC San Francisco and OncoSec Medical Collaborate to Evaluate Investigational Combination of ImmunoPulse and Anti-PD-1 Treatment

Nature Publication Co-Authored by Robert H. Pierce, Chief Scientific Officer, OncoSec Medical

OncoSec Medical Collaborates with PerkinElmer and University of California, Los Angeles to Evaluate Patient-Selection Biomarker in Immunotherapy

OncoSec Reports ImmunoPulse May Prolong Survival Based on Analysis of Long-Term Survival Data from Phase I Study in Melanoma

OncoSec Reports Positive Top-Line Six-Month Primary Endpoint Data from Phase II Melanoma Trial of ImmunoPulse Monotherapy

OncoSec Medical Announces New Phase II Trial in Head and Neck Cancer Using ImmunoPulse


OncoSec Medical Promotes Veronica Vallejo to Chief Financial Officer

OncoSec Announces Formation of Melanoma Advisory Board

OncoSec Medical Updates Analysis of Interim Data for Phase II Study of ImmunoPulse in Metastatic Melanoma Patients

OncoSec Medical Collaborates With Smart Patients to Form New Online Community for Patients Co-Founded by Former Chief Health Strategist of Google

OncoSec Medical Enters Sponsored Research Agreement with Old Dominion University for Combination Study in Melanoma

OncoSec Medical Announces Completion of Enrollment of Phase II Metastatic Melanoma Trial

OncoSec Medical Featured on San Francisco’s KGO-TV Channel 7

OncoSec Medical Presents Positive Immune Response Data from Phase II Study at the 8th World Congress

OncoSec Medical Announces $12M Public Offering

OncoSec Medical Announces Positive Preliminary Safety Data in Combination Study

OncoSec Medical Announces Hire of Chief Medical Officer

OncoSec Medical Announces Positive Interim Data From Study of OMS-I100 in Metastatic Melanoma


OncoSec Medical President and CEO Contributes to Drug Discovery News

OncoSec Initiates Phase II Merkel Cell Carcinoma Study and Doses Several Patients

OncoSec Doses First Patient in Phase II Clinical Trial for Metastatic Melanoma

OncoSec’s OMS ElectroOncology Technology Platform featured in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry

OncoSec’s OMS ElectroImmunotherapy Technology Platform and its Ongoing Phase II Merkel Cell Carcinoma ClinicalTrial Featured in Seattle Newspaper

OncoSec President and CEO Contributes to Today’s Medical Developments

OncoSec Initiates Two Additional Clinical Sites for Phase II Metastatic Melanoma Trial

OncoSec Announces $7.75 Million Public Offering

OncoSec Executive Team Contributes to Manufacturing Chemist and Company Profile Featured in San Diego Business Journal

OncoSec ElectroChemotherapy Demonstrates Potential as Alternative to Surgery for Treating Head and Neck Cancer

OncoSec Medical Issues Letter to Shareholders

OncoSec Medical Inc. Enters Into Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement with VGXI Inc. for Production of Interleukin-12 Plasmid DNA

OncoSec Announces Issuance of New Patent for Method of Use

OncoSec Presents Preliminary Safety Data for Phase II Melanoma Study at Second European Post-Chicago Melanoma Meeting 2012

OncoSec Initiates Phase II Clinical Program in Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Doses First Patient

OncoSec Featured on KTVU News and in the San Francisco Chronicle

OMS ElectroChemotherapy for Head & Neck Cancer Shows Enhanced Quality of Life in Randomized Phase III Studies

OncoSec Receives ISO 13485 Quality Management System Certification

OncoSec Granted New Patent from China

OncoSec Secures License for Electroporation Intellectual Property from University of South Florida

OncoSec Establishes Clinical Site for Its Phase II Metastatic Melanoma Trial at University of Washington

OncoSec Receives CE Mark for Its Electroporation Device

OncoSec Medical Reports Positive Preliminary Efficacy and Safety Results from Phase II Study of ImmunoPulse in Merkel Cell Carcinoma Patients

OncoSec Medical Reports Positive Interim Efficacy Results from Phase IV Study of NeoPulse in Skin Cancer Patients

OncoSec Medical Reports Positive Preliminary Efficacy Results from Phase II Study of ImmunoPulse in Metastatic Melanoma Patients

OncoSec Medical Announces $7.2 Million Public Offering


OncoSec Medical Appoints Punit Dhillon as President and CEO

OncoSec Medical Licenses Non-DNA Vaccine Tumor Therapy Technology from Inovio Pharmaceuticals

OncoSec Medical Closes $1.1M Financing

OncoSec Medical Closes Purchase and License Agreement for Tumor Therapy Technology with Inovio Pharmaceuticals

OncoSec Announces Leadership Team Appointments

OncoSec Medical Initiates Multiple Phase II Skin Cancer Clinical Trials

OncoSec Announces Clinical Leadership Appointments

OncoSec Medical Announces the Appointment of Dr. Anthony E. Maida, III, to its Board of Directors

OncoSec Announces $3.0 Million Private Placement Transaction

OncoSec Medical Appoints Engineering Leader

OncoSec Announces Positive Results from Head & Neck and Breast Cancer Trials

Device Master File for OncoSec Medical System Completed and Submitted to FDA

OncoSec and Serametrix Collaborate to Identify Potential Biomarkers to Enhance Skin Cancer Immune Therapies

OncoSec Appoints Scientific Advisory Board


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